How and when Satta Matka Satrted in India? All Gambles know , what is satta Matka ?

For New Players , Satta Matka 2019 is a kind of Gamble which was played offline in early India , But after it got banned from Indian Government , Players of the game started playing it online on various Websites or apps.

Satta Matka got started in India in the year 1960 , when players used to keep slips /chits in a matka and winner number were taken out from it.

Satta Matka 2019 is a big deal for every Gambler ,because it is now online and a very big platform which can help in earning a handsome amount of money with just simple guessing and betting on a number.

Satta Matka 2019 is just like a shortcut to earn Good Amount of money , But since Satta Matka is completely based on number betting , a lot of Players loose handsome amount of money too.

This is the prime reason why Govt of India Banned Satta Matka Offline Game.

But still after being banned offline , Satta Matka game came online on many websites and Apps ,

Owners of these websites or apps claims to provide 100 % True tips , tricks which helps in winning the Satta Matka Game, but no player should trust these website or app completely.

These Websites or app platforms are just to be taken for reference for better understanding of Satta Matka Game.

There are many kinds of satta matka Games like Kalyan Matka , Kuber Matka , D.P Boss , Main Mumbai Matka , Indian Matka , Super Day Matka , Black Satta etc .

Players from all over India choose and play from above satta Matka games and try to win money on the basis of pure luck.

Most of these Satta Matka Games are Completely dependent on your luck and that is why some people loose or some people win big. Players are advised to play Satta Matka 2019 very wisely and take the bet real slow in order to stay in risk free zone. Numbers can be predicted by keeping a track on previous few days number and then bet of that number. All in all Satta Matka game should be played for fun , not for money.